From Struggle to Strength: How Focus Can Help You Get Through Any Challenge

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women, like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

I’m gonna be a little vulnerable with ya today…

Because the topic I planned this episode around is Focus.

And life has been REALLY challenging me in that area lately.

Focus is incredibly critical when you have goals and dreams—and I’m assuming that ‘cause you’re here, you check those boxes.

For me, I’ve rededicated myself to my holistic wellness biz this year.

I’ve always been passionate about it, but this year I decided, I’m going all-in.

To take a little bit of a break from all the courses I was launching. And just go all-in to my wellness biz.  

AND the 10/10 Club

A full body YES on helping women look and feel younger… live longer… have more energy and joy on the daily… have the best damn relationships EVER…

And create incredible prosperity and flexibility at the same time.

In other words, create a 10/10 life.

And yes, I still believe this. And yes, I’m still living it day in and day out.

And yes, I’m enhancing that focus with my fav aromatherapy blend.

Which BTW, is Eucalyptus, Ginger, Rosemary, and Wild Orange.

I’ve actually pulled all of those oils together for you—and given you access to my wholesale rate when you go to

But I also believe that you get to pivot that focus.

Focus doesn’t mean sacrificing everything else in the pursuit of your goals—which most of the time we think means career, business, or money.

In that area, I had all these travel plans this spring – literally crisscrossing the world.

And, we experienced some unexpected health concerns in my family.

All in a row. Including one pretty big one.

And it’s been hard. It’s been scary.

Some days it felt like literally everything was falling apart at the same time.

And I got to be the rock for everyone.

Even when I effing didn’t feel like it.

Instead of succumbing to that feeling—which, btw, is a very real, very normal, very HUMAN feeling…

I remembered I got to shift my focus.

All that travel stuff could wait.

It wasn’t as important as my family.

And thankfully, I’ve crafted my life (and my travel plans!) in such a way that I get to be flexible. Pivot. Shift my focus.

When I mapped out this episode for myself, I was gonna coach ya through my Focus Formula.

The 3 key elements of creating focus in your life:

  1. Clearing your workspace from distractions. 
  2. Doing your most important work of the day first, and
  3. Setting goals and breaking them down into bitesize to-dos… AKA knocking down the dominoes.
So when life threw us these health curveballs… I was about to trash this topic and do something else – when I realized…

OMG, I’m actually still doing all these things—but with my personal life.

For example, I dunno about you, but I believe your environment reflects your mindset.

When you have a cluttered space, your mind is likely cluttered.

Well, I noticed that during the flurry of activity around the house—sick dog, sick kid, sick husband… tidiness went out the door.

Shoes were laying around instead of put away.

Towels flung haphazardly instead of hung up properly.

Living like this actually make me feel more stressed!

So I decided to give myself 20 minutes and just put shit away.

Channel my inner Mrs. Doubtfire and jam out as I wiped down my kitchen counters… threw out the trash… 

I put on my diffuser and created whitespace in my house.

And it helped—way less “MOM! Where’s my…” whatever was missing. Or out of place.

Which means better energy, and more calm.

So then I looked at the next item…

Doing your most important work first.

Yep, still doing that… although the WHAT shifted.

It became health stuff.

  • Checking on everyone’s wellbeing.
  • Getting them set up for the day. With all their appts.
  • Prepping medications or treatments.
Work came later.

Yes, I’m still working on my biz—I’m still fully committed to growing and enrolling and helping more people create a 10/10 life…

But the order moved around.

And I’m truly blessed that I’ve actually created a lot of habits in my life AND my biz that allow me to shift.

So when life DOES go sideways on me—like right now—I shift and move in another direction.

I create space.

So I don’t have to stress about work ON TOP of all the personal stuff.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but to show you that this is possible for you too.

If I had a job working 8 hours a day—or, like my old life as an attorney, more like 10-12 LOL… or working by the client or by the hour in order to get a paycheck…

I would literally be at my wit’s end.

I would probably feel like I had to choose.

Or like I sucked at EVERYTHING. 

(in the moment)

I’m sharing this because I’ve been in that situation before.

And I consciously chose a different path in order to give myself more freedom.

It’s not like I’m some super special person—these choices are available to you too.

The third point I planned to talk about today was:

Set goals and break them down into bitesize to-dos.

That ultimately add up to your desired outcome.

For me, my immediate goal became: get my family well.

If you’ve experienced a serious health situation before—whether for yourself or someone you love—you know how overwhelming it can feel.

Especially at the beginning.

It can feel like the road ahead is so dark, so uncertain, so MUCH… that you wanna just crawl up and hide.

Or give up.

And that’s why I’m so grateful I chose to in invest in all this mindset + leadership work the past several years—because it’s literally saved me.

Instead of giving into that feeling of helplessness, I decided to just be present and focus on the NEXT thing.

I offer you this advice too. Anytime you’re going through something that feels big or overwhelming… focus on the next first step.

  • Maybe that’s getting test results.
  • Maybe it’s creating a game plan.
  • Maybe it’s a procedure.
  • Maybe it’s recovery.
Whatever it is—focus on THAT one domino.

And make baby steps to take it down.

Understand the big picture, sure…

But don’t worry about everything all at once.

This is true for your health… your relationships… your biz… your financial situation… your love life…


Big goals… small bites.

Have your vision, yes. But focus on that next first step that’s gonna manifest it.

So, I mentioned that I’m using aromatherapy as one of the tools to help get me through all this, right?

I bet you’re wondering WHY I use the oils in that Focus Blend.

So I’ll break it down for ya.

Eucalyptus is my base – it combats stress and soothes the mind.

There’s a reason it’s a staple at spas and resorts!

Ginger is quite energizing. It’s kind of fiery and spicy—but in a steady, smooth way that’s critical for stamina.

Rosemary helps reduce nervous tension and erase fatigue—’cause ya know what, stress is draining!

Rosemary can also help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood – which is your fight-or-flight response hormone.

And then Wild Orange.

I mean, honestly, I could probably use Wild Orange in everything ‘cause it’s one my fav all-around oils…

But for focus, it offers a cheerful and uplifting environment, while at the same time, creating a relaxing, calming effect.

And PS—one more perk of this blend… all of these oils are SUPER helpful for physical health.

Especially immune function and respiratory support.

So, win-win.

Again, you can score my wholesale discount AND all these oils bundled together for ya at

Friends, thanks for letting me share today… and please keep my fam in your thoughts.

I’ll see ya online.