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Why are we hosting this event? 

Hey, It's Hayley! I’m hosting this event because I’ve personally, struggled with balancing life as a business owner, athlete, mom and wife, especially post-covid now that everything is back IRL. 

Marie Forleo taught me how to create a better relationship with time in order to build a thriving 7-figure business, flourishing relationships + personal life…and always have time for fun.

I knew I needed to share her wisdom on my podcast! 

And then, I had the idea to invite a live audience backstage for our recording sesh...that’s where you come in! 

Go behind the scenes of our super special “podcast party”, talk with us LIVE + steal all our secrets about how to succeed in business + still have a personal life.

In this fun, interactive podcast party, you'll:

 Stop feeling guilty about how you spend your time – discover how to give yourself more free(dom) time… so you can do more of what you love… with who you love.

 Stop being overwhelmed by your calendar – reveal the real reason you struggle right now… and what to do to fix it instantly.

Stop procrastinating (procrasti-baking, procrasti-cleaning, procrasti-Netflixing LOL) – design a new schedule that actually works for you.

Wednesday, September 28th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

I’ll be honest.

I’m a go-go-go person. 

Always have been.

When I had my daughter 13 years ago, my whole world shifted. 

I struggled with balancing life as a business owner, continuing to train and compete as an athlete … and now, be a fully present, connected mom. 

Not to mention being an actual human with my own personal desires + needs!

I first met Marie Forleo when I signed up for her online business training course… and quickly resonated with her heartfelt, practical approach.

To life. Not just business.

She’s total #lifegoals.

With a thriving 8-figure business…. flourishing relationship + personal life…

And she always has time for fun.

(I mean, have you seen her sick dance videos? #sheslaps)

Marie’s got the lifestyle on lock.

So I asked her to come share her secrets for a full + present life as a successful entrepreneur with you. 

And I’ll even give ya some of mine!

Because the truth is… you deserve time for you + what you care about.

You deserve to say “yes” to lunch or happy hour with your friends. 

You deserve to take every single weekend off. Maybe Fridays too!

(I know, hard to imagine… but you can. I’ve been able to do this by following Marie’s principles. #nocap)

Marie + I will show you simple solutions to take control of your time… your priorities… and your health + wealth. 

We’re going to teach you how to LOVE your life by building a better relationship with time. 

Which creates consistent space for fun, joy, relaxation, family, friends + community – AKA the wholistic life we all crave. 

So put on your cozy pants… grab your fav bevvie… and get ready to create more free(dom) time in your life.

A ticket to a Marie Forleo event would normally be hundreds of dollars but we are gifting this BTS Party to you for free. 

Hayley Hobson

Over the last decade, between overcoming debilitating health struggles and learning how to build a 7+ figure online business from the ground up, Hayley realized there are three key pillars for revolutionizing your life and biz: nutrition, rest, and productivity. 

She’s taken her expertise in those three areas and turned it into her life’s mission to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs and creative professionals to consciously create their dream life. 

Hayley has helped thousands of people transform their lives as a result of her teachings. So they can move from self-doubt to self-belief – experiencing unprecedented career and personal growth by optimizing their wellness and taking intentional action in their lives. 
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