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Get My Favs - I’ve created a one stop shop for you with all my best resources & products I use on the daily. You'll find a bunch of my favorite things - ranging from my meal delivery services, food add-ons, neurohacks, skincare and more.


castor oil

Castor oil has sooo many health benefits for your skin + nails. It’s also great for digestion, sleep, bloating, inflammation, hormone balance, and mood. Always remember, quality matters.

coffee enema

Coffee enemas, a key component of my weekly detox routine, effortlessly enhance your gut health at home. This rejuvenating practice not only supports digestion but also promotes a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

fasting kit

Get all the benefits of a prolonged fast without starving yourself! The Prolon fasting kits come with ready-to-eat snacks and meals making fasting super easy (+ delicious) to do.

food + nutrition

pique tea

Pique Tea sachets are an easy way to hydrate your body + skin with natural ceramides, hyaluronic acid and electrolytes.


I use Organifi's superfood juices to supplement my wellness routine. They're packed with nutrients and taste amazing, too. 
They’ll improve your digestion and your immune system high.


Goodonya HYDRATE: The only Certified Organic + Glyphosate-Free electrolyte powder. Elevate hydration naturally with a clean, delicious taste!

meal prep

Daily Harvest smoothies & bowls are my fav healthy meals for busy people on-the-go! They are a great fix when you want a quick + easy snack or meal, providing a convenient way to nourish your body.

neuro hacks


Tap into the power of guided meditation combined with sound therapy. 

I've used the BrainTap device + app to remove mental blocks, improve my focus, and lift my energy.

Try BrainTap Free for 15 Days

braintap headset

You can use BrainTap with your regular headphones, or you can enhance the experience with the BrainTap Headset. 

This headset combines sound + light therapy with guided meditation, and thus helping create new neural pathways in your brain.


oura ringoura ring

The Oura Ring is the best hack on the market for tracking and thus optimizing your sleep

Your “sleep score” is calculated according to multiple factors, including your total sleep time, sleep quality, and how long it took to fall asleep.

Essential Oil Goodies

oil life
Oil Life has the best assortment of essential oil accessories. I love all their travel sized containers, water bottles and diffusers. Plus they have an amazing variety of DIY + business tools (like stickers, recipe cards, etc) - so much good stuff!

Hack Your Routine

The Ultimate Wellness Guide:
At Home Or On-The-Go

A BTS look at how I design my daily routine to build more health & wealth, at home + on-the-go. This guide includes my must-have habits + hacks, techniques, and even product choices that make my daily routine 10/10.


Rise and Thrive: Your Guide Creating an Optimal Morning Routine 

The busier you are, the more your morning routine matters. Get my recs for how to build an optimal morning routine so you stay healthy and happy, at home or on-the-go.


Full Focus Planner:
Strategic Planning Made Easy

The Full Focus Planner, which comes from one of my favorite leadership experts, Michael Hyatt, allows you to focus on the work that matters so you can achieve your goals.