Mindful Mom’s Guide to a Healthy Halloween
sugar free halloweed - hayleyhobson

Can you believe it’s October already?! And any minute now, Madeline is going to start asking me to buy a costume for Halloween. That’ll be easy: not a day passes without listening to the Frozen soundtrack. Elsa it is! Then the real battle begins. Madeline knows Halloween = candy. And I know, once that kid […]

What Would Childhood You Think of Adult You?
Madeline Princess

Have I lived up to what I thought my life was going to be like when I was little? Have you?? When we were kids, being a grown up was the coolest thing to be. We wanted to be the boss, stay up late, eat whatever we wanted, drive a car. It all looked like […]

Essential Oils Basics – On Guard Household Disinfectant
On Guard Household Disinfectant - Essential oil uses - hayleyhobson.com

I talk to my heath coaching clients all the time about detoxing their homes. The clearners you use are doing more harm then good. This recipe for a simple cleaning solution with essential oils is quick, easy, and good for you! Household Disinfectant How to: Put 50 drops of On Guard in a spray bottle […]

Negativity? Or Honesty?
negativity or honesty

Nobody likes to be criticized. No matter how strong or confident you are in who you are and what you believe, when someone slams you, it hurts and it sucks. Including me. In a recent blog post, I discussed how some people treat food as an anti-depressant, starting with a story about a recent night […]


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