Dealing with Grief at the Holidays

The other day, I was out shopping for my husband’s family for Christmas. Amongst all the holiday decorations and other families who were together, I got to thinking about my friend whose daughter died earlier this year when she got swept downriver here in Colorado. That poor family. It was such a tragedy. She was […]

How To Deal With Overwhelm
Overwhlem HayleyHobson

The holidays are a nightmare if you get easily overwhelmed. Every year, I spend Christmas at my in-laws’. They are devout, mid-Western Christians. I am Jewish and from the East Coast. There are going to be differences of opinion. I love them and love to visit with them, but they’re not my family. I’m not […]

practice gratitude hayleyhobson

Three years ago, my life was falling apart. My marriage sucked. I hated my job and I was completely stressed out about money. I was bored with my life. In the middle of that, I got really sick. For weeks, I couldn’t eat or get out of bed. My body was failing. I went to […]

The Dieter’s Survival Guide to Thanksgiving
thanksgiving hayleyhobson

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am starting to plan my trip to my mother’s, where I will have to bring my own food. My being vegan is a pain in the neck for her, ‘why can’t you just eat like everybody else does.’ Well, because I would get really sick and spend the entire holiday […]

2014 Healthy Holiday Guide
Healthy Holiday Guide

Can you believe it’s almost December? With Thanksgiving so late this year, the holidays seem even more busy and stressful. DON’T Panic! I’ve whipped up a little Healthy Holiday Guide ebook to help you navigate the holidays. Get it here!

No, Essential Oils Do Not Kill Ebola

There’s scary medical stuff going on right now. A mystery respiratory virus is putting Colorado kids in the hospital and ebola is popping up around the US. I’m getting pinged non stop with questions about how essential oils can protect yourself and family from it all. So let’s clear up a few things: From Wikipedia […]

You and Food At Any Age

I had a kid, then I turned 40 and every now and then, I feel old. I’m not “past my prime”, but I do feel how my body has changed over the past 10 years. I think there comes a moment for every woman when we realize we are not 22 anymore. And we get […]


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