Talkin’ Sh*t: The Best Solutions to Release Trapped Toxins Inside You

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I have a super crazy factoid to tell you about today.

And I hope you’re not eating… ‘Cause it’s kinda gross. LOL

Here it goes… depending on your height, age, and diet…

You could be carrying anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds of poop inside your belly right now.

Like, piled up in there.


And it’s thanks to all the processed foods you eat.

Yeah, even you. Don’t tell me you don’t nibble on a chip or two…

Or a cracker now and then…

A linguini noodle… (or even rice noodle in your pad thai or Pho bowl?)

Or how about a tortilla…

Guess what – these foods are FULL of added sugars which not only pad your waistline, but they actually fuel the “bad” things inside your body.

From harmful bacteria in your microbiome…

To cancers and other disease factors that feed off inflammation.

Not to mention that there’s literally zero decent fiber in there, which is necessary for your digestive tract to push out waste.

The worst—and most prevalent—processed foods include:

  • Foods made with refined carbs and oils such as pizza… and greasy burgers and fries – I know… those fries are goooood.

  • Fake foods also include processed meats like chicken nuggets and hot dogs 

  • Not to mention, the sugar stuffed drinks like soda and bevvies from your neighborhood Starbucks. And yes, my daughter is still obsessed with the Pink Drink – which has 25 grams of sugar, or half of an ADULT’s daily recommendation of sugar intake per day BLECH.

But even snacks that are considered healthy by many (ie. rice bowls or rice noodle bowls) are filling you up with shit.  

Ok I want you to do something with me real quick.

Think about your local grocery store.

Where are the fresh foods?

On the edges, right?

Basically anything you find on the middle aisles of a grocery store is processed food.

And if you don’t want all those toxins clogging you up inside, it’s best to minimize your time shopping there.

By now you probably know your gut acts as the engine of your body.


It’s where all your energy comes from.

Not to mention many of your hormones that impact your mood, mental health, and brain processing power.

Your gut is also where your body takes in nutrients from food and drinks – extracts what it needs and then processes the rest out.

And if your digestive system isn’t open, clear, and flowing… you get that backup situation happening.

I recently did a podcast episode all about coffee enemas – and it was super popular.

And BTW, you can still score a discount off the Happy Bum product I recommended by going to and entering the promo code HAYLEY.

That’s H-A-Y-L-E-Y.

But when I put out that episode, I actually got a lot of feedback from people who were like, “Girlfriend, I hear you… but there’s no way I’m sticking a tube up my butt.” LOL

So, I want you to know I hear you, and…

You can still help your digestive tract function properly so you can flush out those toxins effectively…

By cleansing your liver.

So I’m gonna give you my exact “Cleanse” protocol.

Which includes a supplement called Zendocrine Detoxification Complex, plus the Zendocrine essential oils AND Tangerine essential oil.

Lemme break it down for ya.

Ok so Zendocrine Detoxification Complex is an herbal supplement that contains natural extracts from various plants that, when used together, help your body with its natural cleansing processes. 

Your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin are all critical pathways that filter out and eliminate toxins. 

This supplement is designed to support these organs in doing their job better.

The unique thing about Zendocrine is that it includes a special delivery system using enzymes to help your body absorb these plant extracts more effectively. 

So your body can wring the most benefit out from the supplement.

My cleanse protocol also includes Zendocrine essential oil.

I know, confusing. It has a similar name to the product I just mentioned but it’s a completely different product. 

This one is an essential oil blend. Not a botanical.

There are a few different ways you can use this one.

First, if you decide to use the essential oil in the bottle, you can add one to two drops to water, citrus-based drinks, or teas to help support healthy liver function. 

OR you can apply it topically to your abdomen or the bottoms of your feet to support your body’s natural detoxification system that way, too.

‘Cause lots of people forget that your skin is actually a detox organ. 

Think about it… that’s what your body is doing when you sweat, right? 

So your skin is a two-way detox system.

And the second option is to ingest the Zendocrine essential oil soft gel.

I know, even more confusing…

Two Zendocrine products — AND two different versions of the essential oil one. 

And then the third part of this detox protocol is Tangerine essential oil.

That one I personally add to my water bottle each morning because…

A) Tangerine tastes good so it makes me want to drink more water… which is absolutely essential for detoxing.

And B) Tangerine is ideal for liver support because it’s full of antioxidants, like limonene, that support your digestive function.

Plus, in some cases, Tangerine essential oil can have a mild laxative effect. 

So obviously this helps unblock all that stuck poop and flush it out.

So that is an at-home protocol you can try at home.

And don’t worry about trying to remember it all… I’ve pulled everything you need into a handy link.

And I’ve made sure to pass along my wholesale discount to you, too.

You can also comment with the word CLEANSE on any of my social posts or via DM.

Along with coffee enemas and this at-home detoxing protocol, I’m also obsessed with colonics.

Like, professional ones.

And I know you might be sitting there going, “Uhhh Hayley, you sure are obsessed with poop and your butt” but the fact is, I feel like people have the wrong idea about pooping.

It’s one of the best—and most effective—ways for your body to get rid of waste.

I mean, if you aren’t flushing it out at least 1-2 times a day, those toxins are just sitting inside you.

  • Making you tired.
  • Making you uncomfortable and heavy.
  • Affecting your mood.

It’s literally true.

In fact, I had dinner with one of our friends the other night—they’re a couple and yes, we’re really close.

Anyway, the wife was kinda cranky.

Like, she’d been complaining about lots of little things all day, apparently.

And, when they thought we weren’t listening, I heard her tell her husband, “I don’t know why but I’ve just been in a bad mood all day.”

And he says—I kid you not, “Did you poop today?”

Now, he’s not a doctor or into wellness really at all… 

But he’s not wrong to ask that question.

You are technically constipated if you aren’t pooping at least three times per week.

But most professionals want you going once a day, at least.

And constipation can affect your hormonal balance. 

Because if you recall, your gut produces a good chunk of your serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in regulating your mood. 

So changes in your serotonin levels caused by constipation can potentially put you in a shit mood. 

So to speak. LOL

When I get a colon hydrotherapy session (AKA a colonic)…

I literally go to an office where I can do it myself.There are options for them to support you as well.  But I’m totally comfortable on my own now.

I’ll explain what happens during a colonic.

So first, I change into a gown.

I lay down on a table, on my back…

And they have a speculum that’s attached to a tube.

I insert  it into my butt – don’t worry, I do this very gently and go slow…

And once I’m all set, I turn a knob which starts a gentle flow of warm, purified water (ideally 94-102 degrees) that goes into my colon. 

Flushing everything out.

Sometimes, depending on what’s going on with me or the therapy I choose, they’ll suggest add-ins like herbs or probiotics.

During the procedure, the therapist may suggest a gentle massage technique on your abdomen to help dislodge waste and gas…

Which can assist in the removal of fecal matter from the colon walls (AKA a prime place for poop to get stuck!).

So she keeps a mini massage gun there for me. 
Again, I do that myself. 

Oh, I also often put a heating pad on my belly too.

The water from the tube helps to soften and loosen fecal matter and other toxic waste – and then it’s eliminated through a separate tube and drained away.

The whole thing lasts between about an hour. 

And afterwards, you feel great!

Or at least I do.

I always feel lighter and less bloated.

I usually walk out of there with more energy.

And in a better mood.

And I’m much more motivated to eat clean and keep my new, flat belly.

Plus, I definitely notice an improvement in my digestion.

‘Cause as you might know, my intestines are actually on the wrong side of my body and all twisted up inside me…

So a colonic really helps me feel better and keep things flowing.

And, I swear this is true… but I actually feel smarter. LOL

Or, like I got some of my brain processing back.

This is usually due to those toxins finally being removed – and yes, your body can respond THAT quickly.

And for me, like I said earlier, my belly is almost always flatter right away.

‘Cause not only is all that built-up waste gone… the bloating from the gasses and inflammation is removed too.

Next time I go, I should weigh myself because I 100% believe I lose a good 2-3 pounds when I slide off that table.

If I didn’t do this as often as I do, I bet it would be more.

Anyway, I get that getting regular colonics may not be in your budget – ‘cause for most of us, it’s not covered by insurance.

But even if you can do it once or twice a year, I personally think it’s really beneficial.

And in between, or if you want to dip your baby toe into this world…

Then doing that Zenocrine detox protocol I mentioned is a good place to start.

Again, that link to grab all the ingredients in one place is

Or, do an at-home coffee enema.

And the link for that one is

And when you add the promo code HAYLEY, you’ll also get a discount. 

I’ll link to that podcast episode in the show notes so you can get more details on how a coffee enema works and how to do it.

And I’m super curious – have you ever done colon hydrotherapy or a coffee enema?

How did it work for you? Did you feel better afterwards?

Send me a DM and let me know!

That’s it for me today, my friends…

I’ll see ya online!