How entrepreneurs think: The 3 ingredient “mindset cocktail” that leads to success

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I had this crazy A-HA moment the other day… and I wonder if you can relate.

I used to think that if I had…

  • The right marketing plan…
  • The best social media…
  • The perfect team…
  • Lots of customers with lots of money…
I’d have a thriving biz.

So that’s what I went after.

All the things OUT THERE.

And every time I spent time, money, or energy going after those things… and they didn’t make a huge difference…

I felt duped. 

It wasn’t until I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing that everything shifted.

I needed to focus on MYSELF to see a real difference.

And the #1 thing that helped with that was my mindset.

When I believed something OUT THERE was gonna give me the success I desired, I literally gave away my power.

Because marketing, social, a team, customers… those are all just vehicles. Levers to pull.

I could have all of those things and still not be successful. 

MINDSET is the foundation of success.

And mine was jacked up. LOL

So I went back to my toolbox – and pulled out new tools.

Which I already had. 

They just didn’t seem all that important to me at the time.

Those tools are:
  • Grit.
  • Resilience.
  • Flexibility.
  • And creativity.
Grit is the super potent combo of passion plus persistence.

I’ll give you an example.

Have you ever had something really terrible happen in your life?

Maybe something happens in your family… a loss… the end of a relationship… 

A falling out that literally rocks your world.

Or maybe it’s something in your work life.

Like you got fired… or laid off… or your biz takes a nosedive.

These can be make-or-break moments.

You can either give up… or you can keep effing going.

Put your head down and soldier on – ‘cause you give a shit.

I have had so many ups and downs in my entrepreneurial career.

There were years (yes, YEARS) when I really thought about throwing in the towel. 

Doing something easy and mindless.

Going back to work for someone else.

Or, let my husband make the money for a while. Downsize. 

Whatever it took to just not feel THIS anymore.

I let myself have those weak moments. But I didn’t give in.

Because I always knew, deep down, giving in wouldn’t make me happy.

Not only do I actually enjoy working… love making my own money…

I love being a role model for my own aspiring millionaire in the making.

Yes, my 13yo is literally obsessed with business just like me. And like her dad.

So grit is accepting that those weak moments will come… and remembering your greater vision.

Accept the suck… and keep going. 

Because you WILL get through to the other side.

The second part of the entrepreneurial mindset is flexibility.

Hitting a roadblock or barrier is a sign you’re not taking the exact right approach.

Many people take obstacles as a “turn around, don’t pass go, this is game over” sign… when really it’s a detour. Or a reroute.

Flexibility means finding an alternate solution.

‘Cause the truth is, there’s ALWAYS another solution.

But without the right mindset, you can’t always see it. Or know to look for it.

Let’s say the product you were counting on being ready to launch gets delayed. 

Nothing you can do about that – it’s outta your hands.

And you’re low-key freaking out like, OMG I’ve literally put all my eggs in this one basket.

So what do you do?

Well, with a flexible mindset, you roll with it.

Look for other options.

Choose an alternate route.

‘Cause there IS one.

In this case, you could make a product yourself – like a digital offer using your expertise to generate some income. And grow your list.

You could focus on a different product you DO have access to – and come up with a game plan about how to make that one sing.

You could partner with someone who has a product or service – and use your network to earn a commission selling THAT thing instead.

Those are just a few ideas…

Ones I’ve totally done myself.

Point being, you get to be flexible. And creative.

Creativity is your best friend in the world.

That’s the third mindset tool you have in your entrepreneurial toolbox.

I don’t mean creative like you’re great at creating graphics or writing email copy. 

Or drawing or painting or dancing.

I mean creative thinking.

Stepping outside your own box to discover what others are doing – and considering, “How could this work for me? How can I take this idea and tweak it for myself?”

That’s one thing I love about being in mastermind groups.

Everyone shares what’s going on in their own situation – whether that’s life or biz or both…

And we collectively generate ideas… brainstorm together.

And they will often HAND you their own strategies. Even resources. 

Because you’re in their inner circle.

You’ve created this circle of trust. Of intimacy. Of relationship.

Not with the intent of you copying exactly what they did verbatim.

‘Cause chances are you’re not gonna be able to generate the same results… and creating a life that YOU’RE obsessed with may look completely different from someone else’s.

But to spark innovative thinking of your own.

Ignite a new thought or idea that CAN work for you.

Or that creativity triggers a new approach you get to take.

That you never would have considered on your own.

Maybe it’s a referral to someone spectacular you get to hire for your biz.

Or a new tool.

I’ve gotten obsessed with ChatGPT lately.

And while it’s not always 100% spot on with what I’m looking for…

It DOES help get my creative juices flowing when I’m stuck.

I’d heard about it on the news, but it wasn’t until someone in my mastermind mentioned it that I actually tried it.

Actually, they not only mentioned it, but they literally took us through an intensive tutorial on how we could use it in our own businesses.

Who we surround ourselves with matters.

I aim to surround myself with “how can I?” people.

‘Cause nothing drives me crazier than when I hear people say things like, “Oh I’m not creative.” 

I literally want to shake them. LOL

Because it’s such a defeatist thought.

You are literally telling yourself you aren’t creative… so you’re not going to BE creative.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

What you say matters. What you believe matters.

Who you’re around and what THEY say and believe matters.

The truth is, we are ALL creative in our own way.

We ALL have creative ability. 

Again, I’m not talking about art or writing or cooking or whatever else we typically think of as creative.

Creativity is also problem-solving. 

Working around obstacles.

Asking yourself, “What CAN I do here?” when the universe throws you challenges.

Maybe there’s a relationship you struggle with.

I can relate to that one – for years I believed my relationship with my in-laws was what it was.

I settled for like, a 3.5 out of 10.

I gave away my power and focused on where I believed I could make a difference – my work.

And it wasn’t until recently that I was like, “Wait a minute… I get to CREATE what I desire. And I desire a 10/10 relationship with my in-laws.”

I believe it’s never too late.

So I began showing up differently. Shifting my energy. Changing my approach.

Yep, I got CREATIVE.

And now I’m much closer to the 10 out of 10 relationship I desire than I was a few years ago.

Maybe there’s something in your personal life you want to be a 10/10. Like your relationships. Or your health.

Maybe it’s in your biz. Or your finances. Maybe you desire multiple things to be 10/10.

Regardless of what you’re working toward, you CAN achieve a 10/10 in that area. 

You get to be honest about it… and remember you have this incredible toolbox of your own – your mindset.

You don’t need to go out and get anything. It’s already there.

All you gotta do is pull out those tools – grit, flexibility, and creativity – to get different results.

Real change doesn’t happen OUT THERE.

It happens IN HERE – you can’t see me but I’m pointing at my chest LOL.

It happens inside YOU first.

THEN you can — and will — see results OUT THERE.

Your mind is incredibly powerful.

If you think it… if you can see it… you can be it.

Surround yourself with people who think it, see it, and believe it too.

So you can all be it.

Find the people who will inspire you. 

Activate you. Challenge you (in a good way, obviously).

Hold you accountable…

Honestly, that’s what I love the most about masterminds – especially mine, the 10/10 Club.

Because real transformation doesn’t come from sitting around reading books… or taking online courses… or hoping something amazing comes along OUT THERE.

It comes from taking action.

Surrounding yourself with the right people to level you up.

In the 10/10 Club, we’re all about sharing our weak spots AND our strengths… 

Leaning on each other to find new solutions… share our wins… 

And level up together.

It’s all a choice.

I decided on the name “10/10 Club” because I’m fully enrolled in the idea that you can create a 10/10 life.

You get to look at every part of your life – your finances, your relationships, your spiritual connection, your health, your time, your love life, your physical environment, your career, all of it…

And make it so it’s a 10 out of 10.

Whatever’s not a 10 gets to become a 10.

Life isn’t meant to be just “meh”.

You don’t have to settle for mediocre.

If that’s what you’ve got, that’s a choice. 

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s actually true.

If you believe otherwise, you are giving away your power.

If you’re inspired to create a 10/10 life… if you believe you have the power to manifest what you want through intentional, inspired action…

That’s what we do inside the 10/10 Club.

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In the 10/10 Club we are focused on our relationships.

Plus those “outside” tools and vehicles that are certainly helpful once you have the right mindset.

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Which I gotta tell ya, is the #1 most valuable thing I’ve gotten out of investing legit 5-figures plus in the masterminds I’ve been in over the years.

The relationships I’ve made in masterminds I’ve been part of have generated new biz opportunities for me…

Helped me catapult my biz…

Created incredible relationships with people I would have never met otherwise…

Brought me amazing employees and contractors who have taken TONS of stress off my plate…

And double or tripled results from what I was trying to do on my own.

I’ve become a better person from the relationships I made in my mastermind groups.

And in the 10/10 Club.

I hope you decide to open up your toolbox and pull out your inner grit, flexibility, and creativity… in the hard times and the amazing times.

There’s really no bad time to use them.

And I hope to see you inside the 10/10 Club.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this community – and I know you’ll love it too.

So again, you can just hit me up with the word CLUB on social (DM or comments)... or drop your email at

Until next time my friends… I’ll see ya online.