Masterminds 101: How to Fast-Track Your Success in Life + Biz

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the Whole You Podcast where I'm paving the way for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger so you can achieve a 10 out of 10 life + unlock financial freedom.

Have you ever gone to that one event… that one party… that one conference… and when you walk away, you realize your biggest win was the connection you made with someone there?

That one connection ended up becoming your friend…  

Or a partner in some aspect of your life or biz…

Maybe that one connection introduced you to someone else who did. Who joined your business…

Invited you to speak on their stage…

Introduced you to their audience or community…

And the rewards were priceless. 

That’s happened to me.

Over and over again.

In fact, I would venture to say the majority of the friends I have in my life— and the connections I have in my biz—are here because I said yes to:
  • Attend an event… 
  • Take a course or a training… 
  • Join a mastermind… 
  • And then show up and play on a different level.

I’m serious. Like I literally built my entire doTERRA biz because of the people I met over a decade ago in my first two online courses. Those connections became my initial business partners.

And that’s been the story for me since.

Relationships are everything. 

So you know all these intense leadership trainings I’ve been participating in myself and then coaching the past couple of years?
They’ve been impactful to say the least. 

Which is why I continue to drop the insights and downloads I get with you. 

It’s always been my vision to help YOU fall in love with YOUR life too… whether that’s by:

  • Making more money… 
  • Getting healthier… leaner… 
  • Looking and FEELING younger… 
  • Becoming more productive… 
  • Being more intimate with your time… 
  • Or connecting deeper in your relationships?

And I do my best to share in a podcast… or a blog article… or a 1-hour workshop… or a 20-minute talk in a virtual summit…

But where the magic REALLY happens is inside my 10/10 Club (the group formerly known as Habit Hackers).

Because that’s where you actually DO THE WORK.

It’s not passive listening… it’s actual learning, brainstorming, implementing… in an intimate setting.

I can tell it creates an impact. Just by looking at the looks on your faces when you drop in. 

When you work with each other… use the resources from my biz for YOUR biz… and actually invest in yourself. And you see concrete changes – I can actually FEEL it and SEE it coming from you.

What really makes me happy is being able to witness the shift that happens when you give yourself permission to REALLY open up in that kind of community setting.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know it can be kind of lonely.

Sure, you work with people on your team… you have friends… family…

But without a like-minded, invested community of people on your level (or ideally, where you WANNA be)… 

In alignment with their own aspirational goals and dreams…

Actively working to create THEIR version of a 10 out of 10 life…

It can sometimes feel like an island.

That’s really why I have personally joined various VIP experiences and mastermind groups over the past ten years.

I can’t begin to tell you how much each experience I have had has impacted my life – and my business.

Each time I find a new mastermind or group I’m aligned with… I usually hang out for 3-5 years. Because the relationships I end up making are next level. 

AND the truth is, you can’t really make instrumental progress in a month or two.

You really do need to make a commitment. 

It’s funny how people think, “Oh, I’ll just try it for a month or two…”No, it doesn’t work like that.  

You get to make a commitment. Go all in.  

For example, in one mastermind I was in, I got incredible business and marketing ideas on the DAILY.

Both inside of our private Voxer group.

And at our in-person retreats which happened every quarter.

Very successful, financially thriving entrepreneurs literally SHARING with me the tactics, plans, and strategies that are working for them.

Because I was in their inner circle.

If you’re currently in my private members-only community (which we have been calling Habit Hackers

But right now completely upleveling and even re-naming it to be the 10/10 Club)...

You get what I’m saying – ‘cause I’ve been giving YOU the same sort of toolkits too.

And they’re SO helpful, right?

Like my entire MetaPWR launch plan?Or my entire virtual summit strategy? 

But that’s not even the best part.

I gotta tell ya… if ALL I got from being in a mastermind group was one relationship that made an impact…

It’s completely worth it.

And this literally happened to me a few months ago. 

I got one strategy idea from a relationship I made in a mastermind group … and when I implemented it, it legit gave me at least an hour of my time back a day. 

And a few months ago, I got one bit of coaching  that motivated me to make one new hire in my business… that has changed the game for me.  My email open rates doubled which means more eyes on my offers.  Which means more sales.  

With inner circles like this, the headaches and overwhelm that go along with being an entrepreneur go buh-bye. 

Because you get to relate and connect with others in the same boat… but who are doing different things in their biz – and they literally HAND YOU their ideas. 

And offer you support and accountability. It’s invaluable.

Plus, I’ve made amazing friendships with people I would NEVER have met in any other way.

Like incredible artists… financial coaches and relationship coaches... teachers… and philanthropists… 

That’s why I’m so passionate about the 10/10 Club – it’s the mastermind-style group I wish I’d had access to YEARS ago. 

I’m 100% certain I’d be wayyyyyyy further along in my biz if this existed a decade ago. Which is why, if you wanna level up YOUR life and biz… this group is ideal for you.

And I’m opening it up to new members right now.

I have all the deets up for ya at

Or drop me the word CLUB on any of my social posts.

You can even DM me the word CLUB and I’ll be right back at ya in the DM. I want to help ya.

So, lemme explain more about what a mastermind group is.

It’s a group of entrepreneurs who get together – usually for a year at a time – to…

  • Network.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Get each other’s eyes on our businesses. 
  • Crowdsource feedback.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Hear from incredibly smart and savvy experts who teach us things like SEO… or mindset… or social media… or honestly, whatever it is the group wants and needs – it’s that curated. (We’ve had some incredible sessions talking about how to take a friggin’ break. Not work 24/7).
  • We also keep each other accountable for our business goals.
  • And make incredible friendships – that often lead to collabs, biz ventures, or promotion opportunities.
And yes, we often talk about more personal stuff like…

  • Struggles we’re having in our marriages. 
  • Raising a teenager.
  • Managing a business while being a mom.
  • How to eat well while traveling.
  • Or get enough sleep or personal space during a launch.
You know that notebook full of ideas and half-legible notes? Yeah, we all have them.

Imagine they come OUT of that notebook – and actually manifest into reality. Fast. 

Because you have focused time, attention, support, and accountability to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

That’s a mastermind.

In MY mastermind – 10/10 Club – we meet WEEKLY for group coaching.

I intentionally keep membership numbers small, ‘cause I love being hands-on. It literally makes my soul sing.

Each week, we get together and discuss a topic – you get to ask me anything you want about your life, biz, money, health, mindset… 
Whether that’s how I manage running a business and raising a teen at the same time. And actually creating a relationship where she wants to hang out with me….

Go to Sephora and pretend I’m interested in brow gel. LOL.

In the 10/10 Club, you get to ask me questions about YOUR biz. Get my direct feedback. And the feedback of your fellow members.

You also get a monthly toolkit – which is a resource I’m legit using in my own life and business.

  • A marketing plan.
  • A framework for creating a digital product.
  • An email list builder.
  • My personal secrets to anti-aging.
  • Parenting tips while living the life of an entrepreneur.
  • Or my immunity guide.
Something that’s gonna help you with your professional growth…

But also something that will elevate your personal growth…

You also get a seat at the table with the coaches, mentors, and collaborators I personally leverage in my own life + biz.

Sometimes it’s a member of my team coming to share tricks you can use in your own business.

  • Whether that’s how to hire an assistant – and offload tasks to create more space in your day, take stress off your plate.
  • Could be how to create collab/strategic relationships.
  • Could be how to write better marketing copy.
  • How to get your emails open rate to increase! .
  • How to do social marketing well – without being strapped to your phone all the time.
  • How to have a hot sexy relationship while growing your biz.
  • How to eat well – even when you’re busy AF.
  • How to fit everything into a carry-on even when you travel for 2 weeks. HA!
ALLLLL the ways you can step into the next level of your life + biz – without it being completely dependent on you figuring it out alone.

And literally helping you achieve a 10 out of 10 in ALLLLLL areas of your life.  

Plus I’m working through some REALLY interesting (and fun! and interactive! and unique!) ideas of what I’m gonna bring to the 10/10 Club this year…

And I can’t spill the beans just yet.

But let’s just say… I have my heart SET on doing something reaaaaallllyyyyy transformational at my home.

With a very special PRIVATE GROUP of people as my guests.

That’s all I’m gonna say, ok? LOL

So if being part of a mastermind-community that will help you create a life you’re completely obsessed with sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to be part of…

The kind of opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

Drop me the keyword CLUB on social, so I know you’re interested.

My friend, surface-level shit isn’t cutting it anymore.

There are MASSIVE shifts happening all over the world.
  • Culturally.
  • Financially.
  • Spiritually.
  • Relationally.
And relationship is key.

Do you feel it?

Are you noticing?

Are you paying attention?

Do you see the opportunities right in front of you?

Many people don’t.

People who are shut down or in scarcity mode.

Or fear mode.

Who are trying to protect what they have.

They can’t look up and SEE what’s right there.

But I think YOU can.

I gotta tell ya… the last time I felt energy like this, I took a leap and started my affiliate marketing biz.

People seriously thought I was crazy to give up my safe, steady paycheck for what felt like a major risk.

And ya know what?

I reached Double Presidential Diamond in just 15 months.

Which was a 7-figure paycheck.

The fastest anyone had ever done that before. 

That’s the power of believing in yourself.

That’s the power of seeing an opportunity and saying YES.

This new groundswell of change is HERE, my friend.

Are you gonna sleep on it?

Or are you gonna say YES?

‘Cause I’m ready to leap again.

And I wanna bring you with me.

I want to help you create a life you’re completely obsessed with. 

Where all areas of your life — health, relationships, finances, and more — are a 10/10. 

‘Cause you deserve it. And it IS 100% possible.

So if you’re in…

If you’re curious about this opportunity right in front of you to access a mastermind-style community WITHOUT the 5+ figure price tags you’d normally pay to be in other people’s groups…

To learn how to habit hack your way to a healthier + wealthier life — ‘cause hustle culture + mentality will only get you so far… 

To get the proven roadmap to achieving a 10/10 life…

Hit me up.

DM me the word CLUB on Instagram or FB.

Or comment the word CLUB on any of my posts.

It’s like our little code word.

So I know you heard this… and you’re in.

‘Cause it’s gonna be a magical year.

So until I see ya in the 10/10 Club… I’ll see ya online.