How to use the FAR Mindset Method to Achieve Your Dreams

I have a confession.

I’m a bit obsessed these days with MINDSET. And why it’s the secret to getting anything you want out of life. 

Yep, anything.

Especially when it comes to your biz.

And actually… that’s what I cover in this in-depth podcast interview with Hildie Dunn,  an amazeballs mindset coach from the Handel Group who’ll help you:

  • Identify the mindset blocks holding you back.
  • Break through these blocks and create a new way of thinking.
  • Use this momentum to go after your biggest dreams and goals – and achieve the abundance, connection, and love you desire.

One big thing we talked about is how you could literally be set up for success in every possible way – but if your mindset isn’t right… it ain’t gonna work.

So you gotta get your head in the game.

BTW,  apparently that’s actually a song from High School Musical. **shrug** Who knew? 

But just look at little baby Zac Efron… #lovehisfeatherybangs #iblamebieberforthislook


In our current world with life-changing (and some days, insane) news headlines happening daily, I get that it can be SUPER hard to stay focused.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to roll with the punches and get ahead anyway.

Side note: it’s simply not possible to anticipate or predict everything nowadays (or honestly, ever)… SO STOP FREAKING TRYING. 

If you spend all your time planning – and then fall apart when things go wrong – you won’t get anywhere. #facts

And I want you to be successful.

I want you to go FAR. And achieve all your biggest goals.

And you can do this using the FAR mindset method: Flexible, Adaptable, and Resilient.

How to use the FAR Mindset Method to Achieve Your Dreams

Let’s break this down bit by bit.


You know I trained as a yoga instructor right? So in all things, I believe it’s important to stretch yourself.

Obviously, I mean this both literally, you know, after a workout… and figuratively, like stretching outside of your comfort zone. 

You know what I’m talking about…
  • Overcoming your fears.
  • Making new changes.
  • Doing the scary stuff.
  • Taking calculated risks.
All those worthwhile things.

Think back to the last risk you took that worked out for you.

Maybe it was trying a new type of workout, putting yourself out there to make new friends, picking up a new hobby, flirting with your cute neighbor…

Whatever it was, even if it didn’t go perfectly, I bet you don’t regret it.

I bet you learned something. Grew. Evolved. And got better.

You didn’t let fear stop you then. And you shouldn’t now.

(It’s actually kind of uncanny how much thought leadership is in early 2000s tween entertainment – I was today years old when I discovered this fact).

To paraphrase a pre-Younger Hilary Duff, if you never try, you’ll never move. And you’ll never know if you could’ve.

Stop leading with fear, playing small, and letting what ifs run the show.

Fear makes you rigid. And that just doesn’t work for anything in this ever-changing world.

You gotta go with the flow to keep up, because the world keeps turning, baby.

The most successful (and actually happiest) people are flexible. They’re open to all possibilities – staying loose and down to bend, move, and roll with it.

Because the universe is allllll about flow. 

And it just doesn’t work out when you fight it.

So build being flexible into your mindset – and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much less friction and obstacles you actually face.


Adaptability is pretty much the only thing that’s kept most of us going the last few years.

Whether we wanted to or not, we’ve all had to learn how to be adaptable AF.

Sometimes the hard way.

Being able to adapt is an essential part of running a biz now – and actually, just maintaining any semblance of sanity.

If you resist the change, you WILL struggle.

That’s just how it is nowadays.

When your shiz goes sideways, you just gotta pivot.

(You can just hear this gif, can’t ya? LOL)

When you run up against an obstacle, it pays to be adaptable.

That means: take a step back and assess the situation. 

Hopefully, before you get stuck.

You gotta notice, adjust, respond, and innovate. And do it quickly.

Not everyone has cultivated this skill well… which is why you so often see people making the same mistakes over and over again.

But to get ahead in your biz (and let’s face it, your life)… it’s super necessary and valuable.

Because your future is in front of you. It doesn’t pay to always harken back to the good ol’ days.

Don’t look behind you…  you’re not going that way.

I’ve found that people with an adaptable mindset tend to be pretty fulfilled and happy.

They aren’t attached or rigid with their ways of thinking and being. Which means they carry way less weight on their shoulders – they’re generally more pleasant to be around and good things tend to come to them easily.

Adaptable people open themselves up to a lot more opportunity because they’re able to shift their perspective – and harness the potential that comes with changing direction.

Think of a time when you faced a challenge and rather than throw your hands up and throw a hissyfit about it… you put on your big girl pants and found another solution.

There’s always more than 1 solution to a problem – “everything is figureoutable” (says Marie Forleo) and when you’ve literally trained yourself to be adaptable, you're able to move ahead way faster. And see better results.


Ever heard that the only constant in life is change?

Pretty sure this was my Dad’s mantra – or at least it was every time I complained about something as a kid. LOL

The older I get, the more I know it’s true – and understand why he made sure I was aware.

He didn’t want me to be caught off guard. Or think that I could control everything. 

It can be scary to realize that so much of our lives are out of our immediate control.

That’s why resilience is so key. 

It’s a VERY undervalued virtue. 

And one that we don’t necessarily think of until it’s tested.

I mean, you don’t just sit around wondering… how resilient am I?

But when things happen, that’s when you know.

A bad breakup.

A big fight with a friend.

Family turmoil.

Money problems.

We’re actually all built to be resilient.

You gotta accept that adversity, trauma, and challenges are gonna be thrown at you – and figure out how to grow from them.

Which is actually pretty empowering when you think about it.

You can take something hard, something you didn’t want… and use it to fuel your growth. Even when it sucks in the moment.

Having a resilient mindset – that you can and will get through it – actually makes it all easier.

Fear preys on the unknown. And it actually tricks our mind into thinking we’ve never encountered this situation before… which allows us to be even more scared and hesitant.

But the fact is… while you may not have faced this particular challenge before…

…you’ve faced others. 

And conquered them.

And you can totally do it again.

Next time you’re feeling nervous about your biz – particularly when it comes to money and the future of your work – write down at least 1 other time you faced a new challenge…

And came out stronger, more knowledgeable, and better for it.

And speaking of being stronger, more knowledgeable, and better in your biz… I wanna remind you to sign up for the upcoming On the Edge Summit!

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So are you ready to achieve all your wildest dreams. and open your mind to a brand new way of looking at your biz?

There’s literally no risk to you – so get your free pass here.

I’ll see ya online. 


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