How to Get Rid of Burnout – 5 Soulful Hacks When You’re Over Your Biz

Are you burned out?
You know, chronic stress. Fatigue. Insomnia. 
Feeling bummed out, angry, and irritable (sometimes at the same time).
If you’re a biz owner, you probably have hit pockets of burnout (TBH, maybe you’re there RN).
Practicing self-care is the antidote to biz burnout – but I’m talking deeper than “get a massage” or a take a whole weekend off.
With these 5 unexpected hacks, you’ll be able to take steps to raise your vibration, banish burnout, and get stoked about your life and biz again.

5 Unexpected Hacks to Eliminate Business Burnout


Hack #1: Fill up your cells with natural energy.

When you’re burned out, you’re likely operating at a low vibration – which means that’s what you’re gonna attract:
  • Problems. 
  • Chaos. 
  • Energy vampires.
(PS have you seen “What We Do in the Shadows”? Absolutely brilliant.)
So to help you raise your vibration to be at the level of the solution, rather than the level of the problem…
Take good care of yourself on the daily. 
Including filling up your cells with natural energy.
Lately, the biggest game-changing energy hack I’ve found is doTERRA’s new MetaPWR system
It’s an all-in-one supplementation system that I’ve added to my morning, afternoon, and evening routine. 
It has all sorts of benefits including weight loss, longevity, cellular repair, glowing skin… and the list goes on. 
BUT, where I’ve noticed the biggest shift is in my energy.
That’s because with this system, you actually hack your biochemistry to improve the performance of your mitochondria – the literal energy centers of your cells.
Which is way better than caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants that last a super short amount of time.
And actually contribute to bad habits – multiplying those negative symptoms of burnout.
Go natural… and go deep into your cells. It’s way better, my friend.

Hack #2: Make your mealtimes luxurious.

In other words, stop shoveling down food while sitting at your desk.
Or eating whatever is leftover on your kids’ plates. 
Instead, I want to challenge you to take a page from our good friends at “Parks & Rec”:
And treat yo ‘self.
Whether that’s to take your lunch outside and eat in the sunshine – assuming you’re somewhere like San Diego where it’s sunny pretty much every day of the year…
Or maybe you decide to dress up. 
Or make yourself a tasty mocktail to accompany your feast.
The point is, take it seriously…
Because eating luxuriously sends a trigger to your brain that you are worth more.
You are a queen, my friend… and you deserve to treat yourself as if you are.
When you make yourself a luxurious dining experience, you WILL feel it.
And you begin to literally rewire your brain to EXPECT luxury.
When you treat yourself – and your meals – luxuriously… 
You’re going to remember why you started your business in the first place.
And trust me, it wasn’t to eat some shitty microwave meal while standing up reading emails.
So, do yourself a favor and eat really yummy food that nourishes your body – and literally SHOW yourself that you’re worth it.

Hack #3: Invest in Help.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re in the burnout zone, you’re gonna experience some resistance to the idea of investing in help.
But if that’s where you’re at… 

You’re long past due.

It could be getting help in your biz – or it could be help in your personal life.

Let’s say you’re so busy growing your biz that you find yourself not having much time – (or let’s be real—ENERGY) to do things around your house.

Like clean.

Or grocery shop.

Or make meals.

But the thought of paying someone else to take care of those things for you is a total block. Maybe you even see it as wasteful or expensive…

So I wanna offer you another way to think about this.

What is your time worth?

If you work with clients or customers, you probably have an idea.

If you don’t know, assign yourself an hourly rate. But something realistic. Don’t be like, my time is worth 5 bucks an hour. 

If someone offered you that, you’d tell ‘em to go take a flying leap. LOL

I’ll tell ya a quick story of what changed once I applied this mindset shift.

I’m a bit of an organizational, clean freak. 

I used to clean my house from top to bottom once a week. (I could legit give Monica Geller a run for her money.)

Then, my biz really started picking up.

And you know what? The VERY last thing I wanted to do at the end of the week was clean – which takes me about 6 hours.

And when I did the math on what I could earn in those 6 hours… it was an absolute no-brainer to outsource it.

‘Cause the cost of paying someone else to do it for me was way less than me doing it myself.

And what I realized is… even if I did absolutely NOTHING with those 6 hours – it was worth having my sanity restored.

Now that I have a house cleaner once a week, I actually FEEL better.

If cleaning isn’t something you feel is worth outsourcing, there are tons of other creative ways you can reduce or eliminate the things that suck your energy.

Like grocery shopping…

Maybe you don’t wanna pay the delivery fees of an Instacart or something like that. But have you thought about curbside pickup? Most grocery stores these days have this service.

Or, if you’re someone who orders takeout, goes out to eat because you don’t wanna cook, or simply heats up crappy, bad-for-ya frozen meals ‘cause you just need something quick…

A personal chef may be a good idea for you. 

I bet you’re thinking “OMG, Hayley, that’s soooooo expensive. I’m not a Kardashian!” 

First of all… 

A: It’s actually pretty affordable.
B: Kardashians don’t eat. 

We have a personal chef who makes meals and delivers them to us. 

We get 4 entrees a week, plus 2 sides (which is at least 4 servings of each… maybe more depending on what we get). 

It costs us between $260-$300 including the groceries – which is like $15-18 a meal.  

And these are HEALTHY meals… cooked to our liking.

So yeah, it MAY be a tad bit more expensive than cooking it yourself… but again, what’s your time worth? 

Especially if you don’t like cooking… or don’t have the time or energy. And if you're doing Door Dash and paying a delivery fee… or picking up and tipping, it’s usually less expensive. 

Point being, when you look at it from the “what’s my time worth” angle… your hesitancy to invest in help may actually change.

Hack #4: Volunteer.

I know what you’re thinking…
I can practically hear you saying, “Ummmm Hayley, are you kidding me? I’m burnt out! You want me to do MORE? Give more to someone else??”
In short, yes.
Like I did this past summer. I coached a Leadership Training. It was 100% voluntary.  
Four months. Some weeks five to six hours a week. Some weeks two to four 12-hour days. I’m not even kidding you. 
And it lit me the F up. 
Because here’s the truth.
When you give more, you receive more.

It’s the law of reciprocity.
It usually works out that what you give what you DO have… you receive what you don’t. 
We all have something to give.
Our time… our energy… our skills… our talents… even just ears willing to listen.
Volunteering is a hugely popular (and successful) way for entrepreneurs in burnout mode to regain their strength… and raise their vibration.
And trust me, my vibration was elevated. Not to mention my relationships (more on that here in a sec).

Hack #5: Invest in mentorship.

I’ve shared the story of how my husband and I were struggling in our marriage… so we decided to go through a leadership training together. (Yep, same training I ended up volunteering for.)
For us, investing in getting mentored and improving our leadership has really helped.
We’re communicating better… being more conscious of our feelings and the true root cause of some of our challenges…
And we’re operating on the same level now.
Not to mention, investing in coaching and mentorship has really helped me both professionally and in my personal/social life.
It’s opened my world to an entirely new network of entrepreneurs who look at life and biz the same way as I do.

And I’ve met some of my very best friends through mentorship… and actually expanded my business (and my income) by collabing with them professionally.
Or just connecting on a whole new level.
It’s even expanded my doTERRA biz.
I love that both Wes and I are so committed to growth and not letting burnout get in the way of us having a successful biz and hot relationship…
He’s even doing the MetaPWR system with me! 
You know – the supplementation system way back in Hack #1.
I’m loving the energy boost it’s giving me and he legit lost 4 pounds in the first 2 weeks of using the system! So he’s def feeling himself these days.
MetaPWR is designed to: 
  • Reverse premature aging.
  • Eliminate inflammation (which causes disease).
  • Release stubborn weight – I’m talking “fit into your old skinny jeans” stubborn weight. 
  • Regain youthful energy and vitality.
  • Plump up, smooth, and freshen skin.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Improve bone density and joint health… among other incredible benefits.
Can you tell I’m obsessed? LOL. 
Especially since I’m a 53yo testing as an 18-20 year old biologically. Not even kidding. 
More on that at another time… but that’s because I’ve spent the last 26 years of my life investing in what was considered Woo Woo Wellness. Which is now considered self care IMO.
Which means I’m more equipped to stay ahead of burnout and take care of myself on the regular.
Tell me in the comments below… do any of these hacks surprise you? Which one do you plan to try first?

Oh, and if you want to check out MetaPWR for yourself, I’ve put together this special page just for you.
I’ll see ya online…


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